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Digital Leadership Portfolio

After have reading the Entrepreneurial Finance by: Philip J. Adelman & Alan M. Marks book was that on partnership you need file a form that didn’t do with my first company and need to file it to the IRS. Need to find out if its only for LLC only because mine is register as a family own with partnership that still hasn’t turn into LLC. Its not easy to turn your company to LLC, it takes time to learned to develop on growth and financial skills. Because you can lose your company if it’s not on good hands. The only chapter that got so interest it was chapter five , Profit, Profitability, and Break-Even Analysis it got me confusing but thanks to the examples help me understand more and making research on more about it. The reason why companies fell its not just because they don’t know how much money needs to be spend or save but need to break even to survive on financial.

What roles in the industry you are pursuing (music, film, gaming, etc.) would you like to pursue? I’m pursuing right now on becoming a music producer. Later, will pursue on becoming a CEO.

My clients will have the chance to see my portfolio with all the information about Audio Production. There a website that will let my clients and customers to goggle it and see my work. been helping me set up my website It hasn't growing since it been on There hast been that much luck with me as a music producer in my hometown. Planning to take it to the next level its not the platform on the website its the location like my professor keeps telling me. Plus, is not easy to just get up and move need to find a temporary job that going to help me jump to San Antonio, T.X. with great resources especially the artist don' want to spend on there money and expect to have everything free. On my LinkedIn and Instagram been marketing my work for few months, still been adjusting every month.

What skills, behaviors, and abilities will the interviewer expect to see? (List 6-10 qualities.).

· Pro Tools

· Ableton Live 11

· Logic Pro

· Wwise

· Sound Studios

· Mixing

· Mastering

· Motivation

· Self-Direction

· Passion

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