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Advanced Entertainment Law

Updated: Feb 24

Digital Leadership Portfolio

            In my course on Advanced Entertainment Law online I got to find two important chapters in this book.  Chapter 22 talks about clearing rights and seeking permission to the use of music. Another chapter that caught my interest is Chapter 23. Audio-Visual Production, this chapter is very important to every Audio Engineer in the world. Audio-visual Copyright Owners are easier to identify than print or written music. It also talks about the permissions needed and the entertainment guides for use in film and TV clips. Entertainment Guilds the labor unions are designed to protect creative people and the rights to their designs: Screen Actors Guild (SAG), American Federation of Television and Radio Artists (AFTRA), Directors Guild of America (WGA), and American Federation of Musicians (AFM) Back to Chapter 22 on Music. The whole chapter will talk about who owns the song, sounds, and recording rights, how the sheet music will identify relevant information about the song, and who wrote it with their publishing companies. Types of Music Licenses; Public Performance License, Synchronization License, Mechanical License, and for sound recording it will be a Master use License. Even though I have an account with (ASCAP) I still need Harry Fox Agency & Sound Exchange. With this information, it will help me accomplish my goals and music. So as soon as I start to Copyright my music and productions, nobody will be able to steal from me, Online or streaming. The professor shows us step-by-step how to file a business form, copyright form, and trademark form. Just file the trademark form on USPTO.GOV. for my logo and start my standard application on copyrights for performing arts with my music, lyrics, and sound recording. You also got to create a fun assignment that at first did not know but reading it very closely to the assignment. It was an IP AUDIT. The professor wanted to know what four state or federal levels need protection. Most commonly our Logo, Name, and slogan need Immediate attention and protection. The fourth that people should register for a license is PRO. Anybody can go to ASCAP, BMI, OR SESAC. I’m so amazed that I have the patience now to read patiently on business forms and licenses. Another accomplished assignment was the presentation that will help us with business strategies and not try to get into trouble with the law. It was a legal liabilities video; there I sought the three most common that music and entertainment get into legal problems. Plus, how to avoid them well you need to get all permits and licenses. It takes time to gather all the licenses and permits. But music is created with time and value, don’t believe me ask a master engineer. Thank you, professor, for teaching me more information about the entertainment industry including everything like music, audio-visual, copyrights, trademarks, and publishing song laws. I will keep this information closer to me along the way with my career job.

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